Grinding & Drilling Tools

Here at Drainage Superstore we have everything you need for grinding and drilling in your latest project, from diamond cutting discs and drill bits to bi-metal holesaws.

Diamond discs

Diamond discs or diamond blades have been manufactured with small diamonds embedded in a metal coating around the edge. These diamonds will grind the material away as the disc rotates. The grinding motion is more effective than a traditional cutting motion, and diamonds are one of the hardest materials, making diamond blades even more effective. 

Bi-metal holesaws

Bi-metal holesaws are designed to cut specific sized holes through a range of different materials. They consist of a serrated edge on one end, whilst the other end connects to a drill. Bi-metal hole saws consist of two different types of steel joined together to form the cutting edge, one steel is used to from a durable edge that can cut a wide range of materials, whilst the other steel is softer to reduce vibrations and absorb impacts.

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