Cable Machines For Sewers & Drains

Cable machines are most commonly used to unblock drains and here at Drainage Superstore we have a number of handheld cable machines for sewers and drains to choose from. 

The Super-Vee drain cleaner and unblocker from Monument Tools is a complete system for cleaning drains, all within a single handheld machine. When looking at the Super Vee drain cleaners, choose from a range of different cables, depending on the size of the drain, and opt for 110V or 240V.

The Drainrooter unblockers are ideal for cramped areas, or areas with little space around the blockage. The Drainrooter can be operated and held by hand if space is limited, or alternatively, it can be laid on the floor or surface and operated with a foot pedal.

As well a number of handheld cable machines, we also have a selection of wire cables to choose from, in varying lengths and diameters depending on the size of the drain that contains the blockage, and with different ends depending on the type of blockage.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions at all, our friendly customer service team is ready and waiting to take your call on 01752 692221.

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