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Emergency Spill Kits

In line with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2002, employers must have controls, tools and accessories in place to deal with hazardous substances. Fentex emergency spill kits are designed to meet these requirements as they contain and clear up spillages in domestic, commercial and industrial settings in a range of substances. Fentex have developed an emergency spill kit with differing contents for four types of liquid that might spill however if you’re unsure which spill kit you need then it’s best to opt for a chemical spill kit as the chemical absorbents will absorb most liquids.

General Purpose Emergency Spill Kits

Fentex offer a general-purpose emergency spill kit for land spills of water-based liquids. From 20L break packs to 90L drums, it’s possible to contain small spills up to larger commercial and industrial grade spills. For tradespeople Fentex have made a box of 5 20 litre break packs available so that there’s no need to carry around large spill kits for a few small spills or to use a 50L spill kit for a 15L spill. Emergency spill kits are now even more convenient.

Oil and Fuel Emergency Spill Kits

Oil and fuel spills can cause untold problems when it comes to the health of individuals or the damage it may cause to its surrounding area. Oil and fuel spill kits should only be used with oil, fuel or hydrocarbon-based fluids. These absorbents will float on water whilst retaining the ability to absorb oil and fuel. Fentex’s oil only and oil and fuel spill kits are available from 20L capacity up to a 90L drum with larger sizes on request. Mobile specialists, tradespeople and contractors would benefit the most from several smaller 20L kits so the box of 5 20L break pack chemical spill kits are a favourite.

Chemical Emergency Spill Kits

Chemical spill kits are designed by Fentex for land use. The absorbent socks will contain the spill whilst the absorbent pads will remove the spill before being disposed of in the bag provided with each kit. Chemical spill kits will absorb almost all water-based liquids and oils, acids and bases and corrosive liquids too which is why they are recommended for instances where the nature of the spill is unknown.

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