Drain Testing Kits & Equipment

If you’re looking for industry-leading equipment for drain-testing, including drainage air test kit products, look no further than the extensive collection of drain testing kits and equipment here at Drainage Superstore.

Air testing kits & equipment

Drainage Superstore is proud to offer a range of products to be used for air testing. We have a number of complete air testing kits, or alternatively you can opt for individual pieces of air testing kit, for example U gauges, tee pieces, and hand bellows to help pump air into the pipe system. 

Camstopper drain plugs

We also have a number of Camstopper plugs, which are used as drain stoppers when undertaking air tests, or maintenance and repairs of pipes. 20 times quicker to install and retrieve than a traditional drain stopper, and with a long lasting durable seal, it is the safest stopper ever designed.

Water leak location system

If a system is experiencing water leakages but you are unsure where the leak is occurring, opt for our water leak location system, using a sound amplification manifold to increase water pressure and amplify leaking sounds.

Need advice the best tools and accessories for a project? Try our friendly sales team on 01752 692221. They’ll gladly help you find the right solutions for the task at hand.

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