Drain Rods & Drain Rod Sets

Drain rods, also knowns as sewer rods, are stiff yet flexible rods that are used to unblock drains and sewers. Here at Drainage Superstore we have an unbeatable selection of flexible drain rods, drain rod sets, and supporting drain rod attachments to choose from. 

Spring drain rods

Spring drain rods are made from a thin spring wire, and can be joined together or disconnected using a key. These thin wires are useful for blockages where a relatively flexible rod is required, but does not need excess force to break up the blockage.

Poly drain rods

Poly drain rods are made from polypropylene, with brass universal joints. Generally considered the best quality drain cleaning rods available, you can choose from lockfast or universal joints. Universal joints mean that the rod can only rotate clockwise, whereas lockfast joints can be rotated in either direction, and will remain secure in almost all circumstances.

Drain rod accessories

As well as a selection of drainage rods, we also have a range of accessories and tools to connect to your drain rod. As well as the classic rubber plungers, we also offer drain brushes, retrieving tools, harpoons and a double worm screw which can all help remove blockages.

Whether you want heavy duty drain rods or other, check out the range at Drainage Superstore. And of course, if you have any questions about our products, you can call our friendly team on 01752 692221 and they’ll be happy to help you out.

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