Commercial Waste Unblocking Equipment

If you’re looking for solutions to unblocking commercial waste pipes and drains, look no further. Here at Drainage Superstore we have all the tools and accessories you need for commercial waste unblocking at our famously low prices.

Kinetic water ram kits

Kinetic water ram kits are used to break up blockages in pipes. They use bursts of compressed air to produce kinetic energy, and can work on a range of commercial applications, from wash basins and sinks to urinals, drains and baths.

Wire drain unblockers

A number of drain unblockers use a wire cable to break down a blockage. The cable is forced through the blockage, and then breaks it down. This can be operated by a manual crank, or an electrical trigger with variable speed options. 

Power plungers

For commercial waste unblocking solutions you can also opt for professional power plungers, which uses compressed air to cause a shock wave through the water, which will dislodge the blockage regardless of if it is past the trap, or around several bends.

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