Diamond Core Drills & Blades

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of different diamond core drills, blades and accessories available depending on what they are required for.

Diamond core drilling is a popular method used when a precisely measured circular hole is required. Diamond core drills consist of a number of diamonds, which are known for their strength, placed in toughened steel. The diamonds allow the drill to cut through materials such as natural stone, engineered brick, handmade bricks and all types of concrete blocks. 

Diamond blades have small diamonds embedded on the cutting edge, and as the blade rotates the diamonds will grind the material away. 

There are a number of diamond blades constructed specifically for different uses. For example you can select diamond blades for use on all building materials and concrete, asphalt and abrasive material, hard concrete and hard material, tree roots and groundwork, or ceramic and porcelain tiles. Alternatively if you have a range of materials you are going to be cutting through, choose the multi purpose diamond blades.


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Showing 1-35 of 35