Drain Cables & Cutters

Drainage Superstore has all the cables and cutters you need, including connecting screws, for your latest project, and all supplied at unbeatable prices.

Wires are commonly used in drainage to unclog blockages or build-ups that are unable to be moved by other drain unblocking methods, such as plungers. They are long, thin and flexible to get around bends and long lengths of drain pipe. Drain cables or wires can be connected to a range of different tools to remove blockages, such as coils and augers. 

Choose from wire inner core or hollow core wire cables, and in a range of sizes and lengths depending on the application, you require. We also have a number of different cable connectors to choose from, to be used when the wire needs to reach down long lengths of piping in order to reach the blockage, with wire cable spring snake female connectors and male wire cable spring snake connectors.

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