Wakaflex Lead Alternative Flashing

Looking for reliable lead alternatives for your flashing project? Check out the Wakaflex range, brought to you at our great prices.

Wakaflex is a market leading lead alternative product from Klober, who have over 50 years of experience in roof ventilation products and accessories. 

Wakaflex can be used in most pitched roof applications, from chimneys and abutments to dormers and more, making it highly adaptable, and is suitable for a maximum pitch of 90 degrees. The Wakaflex flashing sheets come in a range of thicknesses depending on your project, and all flashing comes in rolls of 5 metres, which can be cut to size easily. 

Wakaflex flashing has a high stretchability in both directions, which aids application, and its unique composition includes a self-welding effect, speeding up the installation process and cutting costs.

Why choose a lead alternative?

The value of scrap lead has risen over the last few years, making it more popular in thefts across commercial and domestic buildings. Lead alternative has no scrap value, meaning it isn’t something that you’d lose through theft. 

Additionally, lead flashing alternatives can be around 50% cheaper than real lead, which can ensure your project remains within your budget, which is often a major struggle. 

As well as cost benefits, lead flashing alternatives such as Wakaflex are much easier to install, just cut them easily with scissors or knives, and the lightweight properties make transportation and installation even easier.

Need advice on a project? Try our friendly sales team on 01752 692221. They’ll gladly help you find the right solutions for the task at hand.

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