Soil Pipe

The trusty soil pipe is vital for transporting wastewater and sewage into the sewer systems. Although they are used for carrying water and solids from toilets, bidets and urinals, it doesn't mean that they can't look good. 

At Drainage Superstore we have a wide variety of soil piping and accessories for you to choose from. Alongside their appearance, the parts are available at a range of different prices and can be plastic or cast iron depending on your requirements. 

Plastic soil pipes

plastic soil pipe can come with many different benefits. They're cost-effective, lightweight and resistant to various chemicals (e.g. bleach) that might be used for cleaning. They also have a smoother internal surface, which in turn makes for a great reduction in the appearence of blockages. 

Cast iron soil pipes

This particular metal has been used for centuries because of its many benefits. It's long-lasting, needs little maintenance and is resistant to heat damage. Due to the material, the cast iron pipes are also 100% recyclable. Their manufacturing includes the combination of as much as 100% scrap and recycled metals, which is an ideal solution for those with a desire for an environmentally friendly option.  

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Showing 1-36 of 437