Sabetoflex Pipe Flashing

Sabetoflex pipe flashings come from Kober, a market leader in roof ventilation products and accessories with over 50 years of experience. 

Why choose Sabetoflex?

Sabetoflex is an easy-to-install, cost-effective alternative to traditional flashing materials, designed to create a weatherproof seal around wood burner flues.

A lead free alternative, Sabetoflex has been designed to provide the perfect collar and flashing combination for wood burner flues. Unlike traditional metal collars, which have up to three different options depending on pitches, the Sabetoflex collars can be adjusted to suit the pitch of the roof, working equally well on flat, pitched and green roofs. 

Sabetoflex flashings come with a connected wakaflex sealing collar, creating an airtight seal with the roof much more efficiently than classic metal flashings which do not create a complete seal. 

Sabetoflex M glue makes the installation process even easier - just apply a thin line of glue to the butyl tape. Sabetoflex M glue can even be used to create seals in wet weather.

Click the links to order your roof pipe outlets with Wakaflex flashing in a range of sizes, plus Sabetoflex M glue for a reliable finish.

Not sure what the best option for your project is? You are most welcome to call our customer services team on 01752 692221 and they’ll happily answer your questions.

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