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Browse our superior collection of pool fittings and accessories for your latest pool project today. We are confident that we have everything you need, regardless of the size project you are working at, and all our products are at our famously low prices.


Pool skimmers are designed to remove floating debris from the water surface without creating loud noises or disturbance of the pool water. Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a range of skimmer boxes, extension rings and throats, and other equipment you may require to fit your skimmer into your pool.  Choose from the standard Certikin profiles, or opt for the Certikin Optimus, which comes in metallic grey or black plastic and blends nicely with darker pools.

Pool main drains

Main drains within pools are used to draw the base water from the pool so that it can be filtered and heated, and to prevent stagnant water from occuring. Although not technically a drain, it can also be the primary way to drain the pool when required. It is recommended that a minimum of two main drains are installed two metres apart. We have a range of pool main drains available to choose from, depending on installation method and grille style.

Other pool fittings

We have a selection of other pool fittings and accessories available, from pool wall inlets and gutter drains to floor inlets and more.

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