Pipe Repair

Pipe repair kits from Flexseal, Pow-R, will economically repair almost any type of pipe or hose. Pipe repair can be necessary for a number of reasons, including splits and cracks. The pipe repair kits will work on wet, corroded or dirty pipes and then it can be sanded or painted afterwards so the pipe repair kits are a very versatile tool. An essential for all plumber's toolkits, these pipe repair kits can be used as a sewer pipe patch kit.

Used on all fluid-bearing pipes, these pipe repair kits take less than 1 hour to create a seal and fix the pipe. Potable water pipes, steam pipes, air pipes, gas pipes, sewer pipes and fuel hydraulics pipes can all be repaired using these kits. Available in a kit for up to 25mm diameter pipes, upto 76mm diameter pipes, and up to 150mm diameter pipes. 

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