Heating & Cooling

Ensure you have the utmost temperature control with the wide range of heating and cooling products from Drainage Superstore. Discover a wide range of products offering you the key amount of temperature reassurance for your shower room, kitchen and more spaces in your property. 

Gas and Electric Meter Boxes

Current legislation requires property owners to ensure that their gas meter boxes and electric meter boxes are safe and fit for purpose. Every gas meter box is manufacturerd to the requirements of BS 8499. However, if your gas meter does not meet the requirments and an alternative solution is installed, gas companies have the right to disconnect the gas supply they provide. 

Gas Membrane

The use of gas membranes is to form part of a foundation and create an impermeable barrier. This is usually done during the construction of a house, building or extension to stop ground gases from entering the building. 

Fuel Storage Tank

There are a variety of fuel storage tanks available in different sizes, mobilities and more. A storage tank can be used to safely, securly transport and store fuel. Choose from number of fuel tanks that are easily mobile with wheels or standard cubes for easy stacking and larger fuel provision. 

Products in Heating & Cooling:

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