Gas Membrane

Drainage Superstore has a range of gas membranes to choose from for your latest project, in a range of styles and thicknesses depending on the application. Choose from gas membranes for just radon, or for multiple gases. We’ve got plenty of choice in stock, including single-sided foil gas barrier tape and durable Radon gas barrier membrane.

What are gas membranes?

Gas membranes are sheets of plastic that are installed during construction of a house, building or extension. They tend to form part of the foundation, and create an impermeable barrier to preve ground gases from entering the building.

Why do I need gas membranes?

Ground gases include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and radon, and exist in pore spaces within the soil. These are all asphyxiants, so as well as potentially causing suffocation, they can also pose other health risks when in high volumes. They are often found on brownfield sites, landfill sites or old mine workings, so if you are building on any of these we’d recommend determining whether there are ground gas risks on your site. If there are relatively high levels of ground gas on the area you are building, you should install gas membranes to prevent ground gases from entering the property.

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