Zinc Slates

Drainage Superstore is proud to offer zinc slates for both pitched and flat roofs, from FabSlate. A brand new equivalent to lead or aluminium slates, the zinc slate from Fabslate is manufactured from a special zinc alloy. Zinc slates are used to create a weatherproof seal around any pipes that go through both flat and pitched roofs.

Why choose FabSlate’s zinc alloy slate?

The zinc alloy slate provides strength and durability which is essential to provide a long-lasting weathertight join, and combines it with flexibility and malleability to ensure that it is suitable for almost any application. It can be used on roofs of any angle, on roofs of any material, including slate roofs, tiled roofs, felt roofs and shingled roofs, and on pipes with dimeters ranging from 25mm to 125mm – just trim the integral rubber flange to ensure it fits the diameter of the pipe you’re working on. 

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