Klober Easy-Form Plus Lead Alternative

Klober is a European market leader in high quality and innovative wall and roof products and solutions, with decades of experience, market knowledge and expertise. Easy-Form Plus is Klober’s lead alternative product, which gives you all the benefits of traditional lead flashing and more.

What is Easy-Form Plus flashing?

Easy-Form plus is a universal flashing product that consists of a metal grid, with butylon backing and an aluminium composite which is flexible, rigid and robust.  The metal grid ensures it is almost as rigid as lead, but it is still able to mould easily to roof contours and wall connections, chimneys and other applications, and can be used on almost all tile, slate and clay roof profiles. 

The Easy-Form Plus lead alternative is flexible and stretchable, and comes with a strong adhesive butyl backing. This makes it much easier to install than a traditional lead flashing. 

Easy-Form Plus is incredible resistant to weather, frost, ageing and changes in temperature, which makes it highly durable and with a similar life expectancy to zinc or lead.

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