AlphaFlex Lead Alternative

Alphaflex is a lead substitute, designed to be used in place of traditional lead flashing. Manufactured from an EPDM base, and aluminium expanded metal, making it UV and ozone resistant, whilst also exceptionally flexible and malleable.

Why choose Alphaflex lead alternative?

Alphaflex lead flashing alternative gives you the benefits of traditional lead flashing, but without any of the disadvantages. Alphaflex provides you with a waterproof joint or seal around chimneys, abutments, pipes, walls and windows that has the appearance of lead, and is as resilient and long lasting as lead, with a 10 year guarantee.

Alphaflex lead alternative is not toxic, unlike lead, so is considered an environmentally friendly option, and does not have the potential to cause health and safety issues with those working with it. 

Alphaflex is approximately 50% quicker to install than lead, partly due to it being a lot lighter, but also because it comes with a self adhesive butyl strip which speeds up the installation process.

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