Lindab Galvanised Magestic Steel Guttering

The Magestic galvanised steel rainwater system from Lindab is one of the most high quality guttering and rainwater ranges available on the market today. Lindab have been manufacturing rainwater systems of the highest quality for many years, using their vast knowledge base and experience to constantly innovate and create new solutions for issues within the construction industry. 

Lindab Magestic galvanised steel guttering

The Magestic range of galvanised steel guttering is manufactured from galvanised steel with a magnesium zinc alloy coating. The magnesium is used to prevent zinc from reacting with corrosive materials, ensuring the guttering is non-corrodible, and this has been proven in salt-spray tests, where the Magestic range was shown to have more than twenty times the resistance compared with hot dipped galvanised steel. This makes Lindab Magestic perfect for coastal regions and marine environments.

The alloy coating also has a remarkable self-healing characteristic, meaning any scratches in the alloy will soon be re-covered, minimising potential for errosion and rust to form. However, the guttering products in the Lindab Magestic range remain unpainted, which provides the natural appearance and beauty of metal guttering, which naturally weathers and changes colour over time. 

As well as being incredibly durable, the Lindab Magestic guttering system is also environmentally conscious - galvanised steel is one of the most environmentally friendly guttering materials used in the world, and this Magestic range reduces the impact on zinc resources.

Another benefit of choosing the Lindab Magestic guttering range is that all products come with a 10 year warranty.

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