Cast Iron Hopper Heads

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Cast iron hopper heads are extremely popular as they are hardwearing, durable and non-corrodible. Cast iron hopper heads also add a touch of traditional detailing to the property, particularly suited to more period properties and conservation areas. Choose from primed hopper heads, which are ready to be painted, or black painted hopper heads.

Hopper heads are traditionally used to increase the capacity of downpipes. Sitting on top of downpipes, hopper heads increase the capacity of the downpipe by acting as a siphon, allowing the pipes to fill to capacity instead of only being around a third full, which most commonly occurs. Nowadays, hopper heads are also used in areas of the guttering system where more than one gutter runs into a single downpipe, or where spouts are used - the hopper head collects the water like a funnel, directing it down into the downpipe.

As well as increasing the downpipe capacity, hopper heads add a decorative feature to your guttering and rainwater system, providing a clean finish and improving the exterior aesthetics of the building.


Products in Cast Iron Hopper Heads:

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