Wildlife Conservation

ACO, the drainage experts, have created a range of products focusing on wildlife conservation. Often, when installing large drainage systems, wildlife is disturbed. ACO has developed their wildlife conservation range to help reduce the impact on wildlife, from small mammals to amphibians. 

Guide wall & climate tunnels

ACO’s guide wall and climate tunnel systems are designed for areas in which biodiversity needs to be considered. The guide wall prevents small animals from reaching the roadway, pathway or areas that present some danger to them, instead providing them with a consistent floor area clear of vegetation, and includes barriers on the front face to prevent creatures from climbing up. The guide wall directs them to the climate tunnel, which will take them below the surface and towards a safer area.

One way fence

One way fences are designed in a similar way to the guide walls, in that they guide small animals to the climate tunnel. They are curved to allow animals to crawl over the top to safety, but only in one direction.

Stop channels & wildlife kerbs

Wildlife kerbs allow amphibians to bypass gully gratings, creating a small recess that is big enough for them to pass along but retaining the properties or a traditional kerb. Stop channels can be used in conjunction with guide walls, to create a safe way for traffic to cross the guide wall whilst still preventing small animals from accessing the roadway.

Wildlife refuges

Wildlife refuges are designed to provide small amphibians and mammals with safe shelters, and come in a range of different sizes to prevent predator access. It helps to promote colonisation amongst species in disrupted areas, and there is no metal reinforcement to prevent disorientation.

Products in Wildlife Conservation:

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