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As people become increasingly focused on reducing their environmental impact, green roofs are growing in popularity. Sky Garden have been developing green roofing systems for over 30 years, ensuring they use a regional supply chain to reduce environmental impact whilst delivering projects on time and on budget. 

Sedum blanket systems

Sedum blanket systems consist of 10 to 12 species of plants that have been established for 12-18 months. The plants consist of a range of sedum and alpine varieties to ensure there is a range of sun and atrial shade. Sedum blanket roofing systems can be used on both new build and renovated roofs, and are designed to be low maintenance – there may be a small amount of intervention required to remove invasive species. 

Wildflower blanket systems

Wildflower blanket systems contain a range of 25-30 species, consisting of wildlowers, herbs, perrenials, cornflower and dwarf grasses. Wildlife blanket systems are designed for new build properties, but are generally too heavy for renovation or refurbishment products. 

Bio-diverse roofing systems

Bio-diverse roofing systems from Sky Garden are the most eco-friendly green roofing systems. The aim is to mimic the surrounding area that was replaced by the building, which will help to reduce the building’s environmental impact as much as possible. Consisting of self seeding substrate, along with a number of log piles, sand piles and boulders, the idea is that a number of native species – plants, birds and insects – will use the roof as new habitats, increasing biodiversity. 

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