Drain Filter Socks

Filter socks, also known as drainage socks, are a vital part of any perforated pipe system to prevent unnecessary maintenance and to prevent regular blockages. The job of filter socks is to stop large pieces of soil, debris or rocks from passing through the pipes and into the system. Manufactured from a special knit fabric, soil particles aren’t permitted to pass through the system, so they instead bridge together and create a permeable backfill.

Perfect for sandy or silty conditions, filter socks fit over perforated pipes to form a seamless cover. Filter socks can be an inexpensive way to reduce maintenance frequency and cost for a perforated pipe system as when large bits of debris or soil block up the system then the pipes will need to be taken apart and emptied. Similarly, this may have knock on effects to the surface water drainage that’s relying on the perforated pipe system.

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