Geotextiles and Membranes

Geotextiles and geotextile membranes are permeable fabrics that can be used in drainage and engineering applications. They can be used to prevent mixing of different soils, stop materials from entering drainage systems, or to encourage surplus water to flow in the correct direction over structures by using the plane of the geotextiles.

Garden membranes and fabric can extend the life of your paved paths or patios too. When surface cracking occurs it can look unsightly, and also means water can ingress which can cause multiple problems. Adding a landscape fabric between the paving and soil beneath forms a moisture barrier and can absorb future stress to stop the spread of the dreaded cracks. 

A weed membrane can also help you to create an attractive, but low maintenance, green roof. The fabric works to ensure surface water drains away and that no roots penetrate the roof. 

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