Gatic Slot Drains - D400 Class

Gatic are global leaders in the manufacturing and supplying of water drainage systems, and they have desigend a range of channel drainage systems that are D400 class rated.

D400 class slot drains from Gatic have been designed to withstand a maximum weight load of 40 tonnes, which means that the Gatic slot drains are best suited to areas such as main roads, highways and public car parks that experience general levels of traffic.

Gatic Proslot drainage is a modular channel drainage system that is incredibly easy to install, and features include a high intake capacity, a tapered throat to help reduce the potential for blockages, and a lightweight yet durable overall product with minimal visual impact.

Gatic Paveslot has been designed for use on external hard surfaces, and provides minimal visual impact - specifically when combined with paving slabs. The Gatic Paveslot drainage channels fit between the paving slabs to provide drainage that is almost invisible. 

Gatic Facadeslot has been designed to be used against the sides of buildings and other walls and facades, fitting neatly against the facade to provide efficient drainage with minimal visual impact.

Gatic Castslot has been manufactured particularly for use in areas of high yet slow turning and slow moving traffic, sitting within asphalt and block concrete finishes. Uses of Gatic Castslot include in supermarket car parks, and industrial units. 

You’ll find everything you need below in this Gatic slot drain category, from male and female outlets to linear slot drain products, cast access boxes, and everything in between.

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