ACO Slimline Slot Channel - C250

The ACO Slimline slot channel is part of a wide range of ACO products suitable for C250 class loads. C250 class means that the products are suitable to be put under a maximum of 250 tonnes of weight, making them perfect for installation in light traffic areas such as private car parks, pavements and roads that only experience normal traffic such as cars and motorbikes. Any roads or traffic areas that may experience heavier traffic such as lorries and buses may need more heavy duty class drainage channels such as class D400 or E600. 

ACO Slimline channel drainage

ACO Slimline is a discreet, one piece slot drainage system designed for light duty applications such as pedestrian and hard landscaped areas, schools, car parks and residential developments. The ACO Slimline slot channel system is manufactured from polymer concrete and has an integral intake slot. The polymer concrete is approximately 75% lighter than more traditional concrete slot drains, which makes it easier to transport, handle and install. The grating is connected to the channel, meaning it cannot be removed by vandals or damaged separately which can cause issues.

The Slimline drainage channels are available in 1000mm and 500mm lengths, so installations can be tailored with out cutting the channels. An inspection unit is also available to facilitate cleaning, as well as special ACO Slimline sump unit.

The system is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class C 250.

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