Stainless Gutta - Stainless Steel Drainage Guttering Materials

Stainless Gutta are proudly part of the family-owned company Metal Gutta, who manufacture their own metal gutter components and systems at their UK factory near Southampton.

Stainless Gutta rainwater systems come in three different profiles – half round, ogee and box and require little maintenance. They are specially designed to ensure that any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install them with ease with no specialist tools required. Stainless Gutta guttering boasts unrivalled material life expectancy when compared to other more traditional guttering materials and offer the best value for money over the entire gutter life cycle.

For more information on our full range of Stainless Gutta guttering, or indeed our wider range of stainless steel guttering options feel free to get int touch with our specialist team on the number above or in the chat box in the bottom right. We are always happy to offer help and support where we can.

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