RonaDeck - Aggregates & Gravel Supplies

Since its founding, RonaDeck have supplied various types of landscaping supplies to ensure that foundations are safe and sustainable. They strive to manufacture the most suitable products and continue to impress with each solution.

For your peace of mind, RonaDeck have a specially and purposefully limited range to ensure that you get thorough information about each product. Allowing you to receive committed support when needed so that your processes can be swifter and more affordable.

As one of the many examples of products RonaDeck can provide, decorative aggregate comes in a wide variety of forms. Whether you may be looking for something decorative or for professional appearance, such as outside an office building, this can be an ideal solution. Here are just some of the types you can expect to find.

  • Chunkies
  • Cobbles and Pebbles
  • Slates and Chippings
  • The Mediterranean Collection

Each type can give the setting around your property a unique look. From rustic to contemporary, there are numerous aesthetic options available to you. If you have a pond, you could use the aggregate in or around the pond to emphasise the appearance.

RonaDeck’s Mediterranean collection offers you various aggregate sourced from across Europe. Such decorative types include Spanish corn, Italian rose, Swiss glacier and French pearl. This can be ideal if you admire the look of a unique stone or want something chic.

Other forms of landscaping supplies RonaDeck can provide include wet pour rubber granule. A slip resistance source suitable for such areas as around the pool, play areas and other leisure locations.

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