Marshalls CPM - Manhole Rings, Inspection Chambers & Manhole Covers

Marshalls CPM is a leading manufacturer of drainage products. Their technical solutions are manufactured with precast concrete products, but also designed to ensure that they’re long-lasting and reliable for the long term.

Their leading position manufacturing precast concrete drainage solutions means you can be supported by trusted products.  Choose from a wide range that has been the result of research and more by Marshalls CPM right here at Drainage Superstore.

Marshalls CPM soakaway manhole rings

Soakaway manhole rings by Marshalls CPM are concrete chamber rings manufactured with tongue and groove joints. They have been designed to ensure they comply with British Standards for your reassurance and are available in BIM (Building Information Modelling) - required for all government construction projects.

They also come in a range of sizes and depths to ensure you have the one to accommodate your system.

Marshalls CPM concrete pipe bends

Concrete pipe bends by Marshalls CPM are manufactured by cutting pipes into two or three segments. These are then joined using epoxy resin at the required angle. Like the rings for manholes they are also designed in a variety of sizes, but also come with various angles to suit the system.

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