Lindab - Rainline Guttering Supplies & Spares

Lindab Rainline is a branch of Lindab guttering that is designed to be lighter, more economically friendly and easier to handle. That’s not all! With Lindab Rainline solutions you can have a guttering system that lasts much longer than traditional cast iron guttering and is at a more competitive price.

Lindab Rainline downpipe

Downpipes from Lindab Rainline are an essential part of the gutter system. As with the half round gutter piece, a downpipe by Lindab Rainline can be easily installed to support the flow of the rainwater. Considering the downpipe is vital to ensure the system does not overflow in the long term during typical rainfall.

Lindab Rainline angles

Angles by Lindab Rainline can be great for supporting a system when it needs to go around the corner of a roof. They are universal, meaning they can be left and right-handed and require two gutter joints to ensure they fit in place. They are also made in a variety of materials to ensure you can match up each part of the system for a clean look.

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