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Since 1959, Kaimann has worked hard on developing innovative drainage solutions to support those in need of thermal pipe insulation. Check out the range here at Drainage Superstore and discover more about the products by clicking the links!

Kaimann insulation tubes

Insulation tubes by Kaimann are designed to be flexible, closed cell rubber insulation that supports the way the piping system performs. This includes preventing condensation and helping to reduce energy loss.

The Kaimann ST range of insulation tubing can also perform acoustic function. Meaning the insulation can absorb sound and dampening duct wall vibration.

Insulation for pipes is a greatly desired product that can improve the long-lasting capability of piping. Not only is Kaimann piping anti-microbial resistant, but Class O fire rated to ensure your pipes are able to last.

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Showing 1-36 of 80