Green Drain - Retro Fit Foul Air Traps

Green Drain are a brand of eco-friendly Ecoprod, who have identified the washroom environment as one in which has traditionally been wasteful of water and energy resources and made it their mission to solve this.

Here at Drainage Superstore we’re proud to supply you with Green Drain water trap seals at our famously competitive prices. These seals enable water to pass through, but block out bad odours from being able to enter the internal environment. These have a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications such as in shower or basement drains, maintenance areas, under kitchen sinks and in laundry rooms.

Easy to clean and install, these environmentally friendly products eliminate the need for chemical applications, making it better for the environment.

Find out more about our wider range of plumbing products here at Drainage Superstore by speaking to our team via the chat box or call us on the number at the top of this page. We are always happy to offer help and advice wherever we can.

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