Armaflex - Drainage Pipe Insulation

Piping insulation by Armaflex is a fantastic solution for keeping pipes protected in various weather conditions. With specific materials, the manufacturer has been able to produce a product that is more friendly for the economy and still functions successfully. Providing that key insulation needed to ensure pipes function for a longer time.

Armaflex are a key supplier in the industry. They have been working hard on their piping insulation as early as the 1960s. In fact, they’re still the only elastomeric foam producer in Great Britain.

The insulation by Armaflex is available as a lightweight material, but still offers that key functionality and durability needed in pipe insulation. If you want something that offers that important protection for your pipes, as well as built-in anti-microbial protection, Armaflex insulation for pipes is the solution for you.

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Showing 1-36 of 36