Rapid Waterproofing Liquid Roof Coating from DeckProof

Liquid rapid waterproofing roof coatingThe liquid rubber membrane from DeckProof is a quick-to-apply, fully bonded Rapid Waterproofing Liquid Roof Coating. Boasting 200% elasticity and a range of sizes from 5m­2 to 20m2, it’s available at Drainage Superstore from just £127.24 ex. VAT for the full kit, enabling you to complete your project.

Applications and finishings

To achieve the best looking results the Rapid Waterproofing Liquid Roof Coating is seamless and compatible on all asphalt, concrete, felt, timber and metal surfaces. As the kit is available in waterproof, anti-skid, and waterproof anti-skid, the applications include roofs, balconies, walkways, ramps, and steps.

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