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How does a drain rod work?

How does a drain rod work?There’s a blocked drain and you’ve decided to get some drain rods. Now you’re wondering, how does a drain rod work?

You probably know that a blocked drain can cause a flood, risking damage to your property. Therefore, owning your own plumbing tools such as drain rods is incredibly helpful. After all, doing it yourself will save you the cost of calling someone out to fix it.

What are drain rods?

Put simply, a drain rod is a rod you put down a drain to remove a blockage. A set of drain rods usually contains several stiff, but flexible, rods. They are available as spring, steel, or polypropylene (plastic).

Drain rods come in many different shapes and sizes. Screwing drain rods together allows you to extend them to various lengths. Next, you are able to push your drain rods around corners. This means they are a great tool for clearing out blocked drains or sewers.

If you have screw-in drain rods, make sure you always rotate them in a clockwise direction. This is so they don’t become detached down the drain. To avoid this from happening, you could choose a product which has an alternative fastening. Lockfast connectors ensure that drain rods cannot become undone during use.

How does a drain rod work?

Ultimately, you need to ‘wiggle’ the rod around down the drain to poke out the blockage. In addition, you can use a rubber plunger which you push in and out several times to dislodge the obstruction.

Next, you can try flushing it through with water to see if it flows freely. Finally, use a drain rod brush (available at a small additional cost) for a final clear through of the blockage. This will sweep up any remaining debris.

Easy guide to using drain rods 

  1. Find the blockage
  2. Choose your tools and assemble your drain rods
  3. Loosen the obstruction with a plunger if needed
  4. Flush water through the drain to make sure it’s clear

For some great results, take a look at some rubber plunger attachment options for your drain rods.

Finally, if you still need advice about which product to order, call our order helpline on 01752 692 221.


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